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Hiring the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn or help out around the office? 
Advice every homeowner or business should consider before hiring a minor
By: Atty. Steve Rosenberg 

Hiring the neighborhood kid to come over and mow your lawn every week may sound like a great idea for both you and the neighbor; but be careful before you hire a teenager to perform even the simplest of tasks.  If you are hiring someone under the age of 18 for a job around the home or a workplace, there are some important things you need to be aware of.    
You would be amazed at the type of cases which homeowners have been sued over even when they thought they were doing the right thing.


Stop…Think…Then Post!

Social Media in the Workplace

Some Advice Before Hitting "Send"

By Attorney Michelle F. Rosenberg

Just about everyone does it.  

As ownership and use of smartphones and tablets increase, so does the “at the workplace” use of social media venues such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, just to name a few.  Unfortunately, many employees visit and post on these social media platforms, using company property and during company time, without regard for whether or not their employer has any social media policies in place restricting or prohibiting such behavior.


Time to Dust off the Cobwebs on Those Important Legal Documents

Practical Steps for a "Legal Inventory" During Legal Spring Cleaning Time
By: Atty. Steven Rosenberg

For many of us, spring indicates a time of  renewal and getting a new start.  
Taking the squeegee to the outside windows and turning over the mattress are just some of the physical spring cleaning chores at my house. 

But this time of the year should also be used for a more important cleaning than just chasing after those cobwebs in the corner. It is time to dust off those cobwebs on every legal document and legal-based plans in your life.  Every person and/or business owner reading this should use spring to review and update the legal documents that govern their business or personal life.  Just like life, laws change and your legal matters must be up-to-date to reflect these changes or the results could be less than optimal.

We’ve put together a checklist of some of the legal “to do’s” for individuals, families and business owners. So wipe off those cobwebs from those legal documents and let's do a legal inventory: