New Trends in Divorce & Divorce Mediation-- As Massachusetts Economy Picks Up and Winter Finally Ends, Divorce Filings Increase Putting Pressure on Housing Market; Divorce Mediation Becoming a More Popular Choice

Divorces Continue to Increase As a Thaw Melts the Winter and Economy

The brutal winter and some aspects of the economy have caused some to put off taking a major step

By: Steven Rosenberg

Ending a marriage can be a costly and painful endeavor, in some instances. And when the economy is down and people don't have extra income coupled with the brutal winter weather keeping people inside, some couples choose to stay together instead of taking a step towards positive change and filing for divorce. Just as the thaw is occurring outside, there appears to be a thaw of the backlog and an increase of couples wanting to explore divorce as the next step in their lives is occurring.  

Child support, splitting assets and other costs associated with certain contentious divorces can seriously impact a family's savings.  

But as the economy picks up and spring wakes us all up from our winter slumbers, those couples who put off divorcing, appear to be exploring divorce as well as divorce mediation options more frequently. One trend we have noticed is these couples are seeking out more cost effective divorce options such as mediation, which allows couples to divorce using a mediator instead of judge. 

Massachusetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation, but the economy is changing that low filing rate.  In fact, according to this Bloomberg News report, divorce filings in America are up for the third year in a row. This surge of divorce filings is also interestingly causing demand for housing putting pressure on prices and rentals.

We are starting to see the results of these trends.  The phone calls and email inquiries about how to file for divorce have begun to pick up here at South Shore Law.   The attorneys of South Shore Law have been providing divorce services for couples for the past 30 years and know when the inquiries increase about taking the first step to divorce, the economy is rebounding.  We are seeing more couples who held off on filing until they are in a better economic position.

Demand for Economic Divorce Alternatives

One solution which can save money and is gaining in popularity is divorce mediation.  To help serve our clients better, South Shore Law launched MediationPLUS, a divorce mediation service.  

The division is spearheaded by my legal partner and wife, Attorney Michelle F. Rosenberg, who is a certified divorce mediator and has helped couples achieve their goals for many years.   Mediation can be less costly, avoids contentious court battles, preserves your privacy and allows a married couple to quickly get on with the next chapter of  their lives.

Best of all, a client is not locked into mediation if they feel it is not the right option for them and can always turn to divorce litigation as a way to end the marriage.   We have some great information about the differences on our new website.

Half of all marriages in America end in divorce and chances are you know someone who is contemplating filing for divorce or has put it off until the economy improves. Feel free to pass along our information to them and let them know about MediationPLUS and the advantages of mediation.

And if you, a friend or your business is facing a legal challenge, contact us at South Shore Law for a free, no obligation review of your legal case or to find out how we can help insulate you from future legal problems.  

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